Non Ablative RF

Non Ablative RF for Cellulite

RF penetrates the skin layers to selectively heat the skin tissue and the extra cellular matrix where the collagen fibres are embedded.

RF technology heats collagen fibres causing them to immediately contract. At the same time it accelerates production of new collagen and elastin fibres which leads to a smoother look and feel.

What Areas Can Be Treated









The Technology

How It Works

Powerful sound waves are used to stimulate microcirculation within the fat layer, increasing the metabolic function of the area.

Free fatty acids and glycerol are released from the fat cells and sit in the intercellular space. Natural metabolic systems then remove these waste products from the body.

At the same time the sound waves stimulate connective tissue giving the skin a firmer tone and reducing dimples on the skin’s surface.

*Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person due to family history, age and different skin types.

The Science

Causes of Edematous Cellulite

Hormonal factors, circulatory disorders, genetics, different developmental stages, puberty, pregnancy, menopause.

Enlargement and accumulation of adipocytes compress and inhibit venous return, hampering lymph drainage.

Accumulations of proteins around the adipocytes form macro-nodules pressing the epidermis in an irregular shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does This Technology Work For Cellulite Reduction?
RF works by selectively increasing the temperature of the fat cells, both those that have broken through connective tissue to form cellulite and those at a deeper level. This process increases the metabolism of the cells and forces the release of liquid fat from the cells. After the treatment the fat cells size has been physically reduced restoring the skin closer to its original form reducing the appearance of cellulite.
What results can I expect from this treatment?
Results will be noticeable 2 to 6 weeks after beginning treatment. Full results are measurable at approximately the 12 week mark depending on your body’s metabolic rate.  Our therapists will book you in for your follow up appointment.
What will I experience during treatment?
To protect the skin an anti-freeze pad is placed on the area of treatment. Next, the fat is drawn into a suction cup and the machine starts the targeted cooling process. You will experience a slight pulling sensation and the area will feel cold. Within minutes the area will go numb.  The handpiece stays in place for 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated.
Important information
This treatment must be performed by a trained therapist. Our Body Specialists are trained therapists that specialise in aesthetic, non-surgical, non- invasive body transformation procedures.

Treatment Summary


Procedure time

Up to 60 minutes per application


Back to work



Full recovery






Sensitivity period

Up to 10 days


Visible results

After 8-12 weeks


Duration of results

Long term results


Risks and complications

Possible bruising, redness, slight numbness for 10 days


Recommended number of treatments

This varies per person. Speak to your Body Specialist for your tailored program.

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