The Packages

Twelve Morphoclinic ® Programs For Simultaneous Bodyshaping

1- Ultrafast slimming & Weight loss
(2 Months)

Producing strong tightening of the muscles,area compression and reduction of extra fat,the program is ideal for fast inchloss results. This program induces slimming, weight & fat loss and fluid drainage.

2 Month Period 2 treatments per week: Velashape II, Pressotherapy ,Myostim

2- Deep lift & tone
(2 Months )

The wide deep pulses and long stimulation times will instantly recruit the large Bodyshaping muscles which cannot be ordinarily reached with active exercise, to give fast, superb body slimming and sculpting results.

2 treatments per week: Myostim ,Pressotherapy

3- Anti cellulite (3 Months )

The combination of the unique radio frequency power and the intensive deep rotation will help penetrate skin moisturizing products while also tightening, toning, lifting and slimming the treated area

2 treatments per week: Velashape II, Pessotherapy ,Cellutape

4- Lymphatic drainage (2 Months )

The gentle program will stimulate a deep soothing massage and Lymphatic Drainage .Extra fluids and toxins will be flushed our, helping to reduce swelling and fluid retention.

3 treatments per week: Manual lymphatic massage and Pressotherapy ,Drain Tape .

5- Fat reduction (2 Months )

Designed to eliminate stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise .The results are proven and noticeable after few treatments.

2 treatments per week Velashape 3 and Lipodissolve

6- Hips, thigs & buttocks (2 Months)

This special program will help slim thighs and give buttocks a firm and shapely outline.The program is ideal for reducing the “Pear shape “effect and smoothing out dimpled fatty deposits.

2 treatments per week: velashape II, Myostim, Pressotherapy .

7- Pelvic floor, post natal & posture
(3 Months )

This treatment will strengthen and rejuvenate the pelvic floor and posture muscles to restore elasticity and hold in vital organs.This is the ideal treatment and an essential Program for women who need total body reshaping after a long pregnancy period.

2 treatments per week: VelashapeI ,Pressotherapy and Myostim .

8- Super anti aging body (2 Months )

An ideal program that combines multiple treatments for the client who needs total body makeover including lifting, toning, shaping and rejuvenation.

2 treatments per week: Pressotherapy, Velashape I, Ultrashape, Oxygenotherapy, Myostim.

9- Upperbody lift and tone(2 Months)

Separate program designed to treat the Apple bodyshape .The arms, stomach, back and waist are treated in order to reduce the fat and lift, tighten and tone exactly where it’s needed. Some areas requiring inch loss, others needing firming and shaping.

2 treatments per week: Myostim, Velashape II , Ultrashape.

10- Anti cellulite fluid drainage inchloss and thighening (2 Months )

A program created to combat water retention, reduce cellulite appearance ,tighten the skin,tone the muscles and reduce waist and thighs measurements for a superb figure.

2 treatments per week: Pressotherapy, Velashape II, Ultrashape, Myostim.

11-Lower legs sculpting (2 Months)

Special program conceived for the lower legs and calves reduction, special techniques are used to reduce the water retention while activating the drainage, to remove the fat deposits and reduce the muscle size where it’s needed while reshaping the legs.

2 treatments per week: Velashape II, Ultrashape,Pressotherapy

12- Skin Tightening after dramatic weight loss (2 Months)

Used to restore muscle tone and help connective tissue recovery designed for those who lost weight in a short period. This will provide all the tightening needed for the skin while toning the deep muscles and draining the water retention.

2 treatments per week Velashape II, Pressotherapy, Myoslim .

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