Health Well Consultancy Group is an Anti Aging & Medical shaping Consultancy company with more than 15 year proven track record in the medical slimming field and shaping centers development and strategy. We have extensive experience in new builds and refurbishments and a broad understanding of the medical slimming and shaping industry .

• Planning to build or operate a new shaping center
• Refurbishing an existing slimming centre
• Looking to improve profitability or standards within an existing weight loss centre
• Looking to improve or change the concept of an existing shaping center.

HWCG can help international clients who are planning to open a new shaping centre or for existing operators who would like assistance to improve their centers performance and profitability.Our services range from space planning, center concept creation, procurement through to recruitment and creation / project management of the pre & post opening operational critical path.
One of our passions is business development. We can provide a complete health check of your existing business by analysing and troubleshooting all aspects of the operation to significantly improve both financial & quality performance.

Health Well Consultancy Group Services & Modules

By offering total flexibility of all consultancy modules, We can help you to build and develop a successful, unique and profitable Medical shaping centre or a slimming clinic . Our expertise will ensure your centre delivers in all areas; visually, efficiently, effectively and profitably.
For existing Shaping or slimming centres who require change management or quality / performance management we also offer a range of Business Development modules. These modules will ensure your centre business potential is maximised and efficient whilst continually achieving the best possible guest experience.

Common Consulting Scopes Of Work

• Concept Development & Facility Programming
• Architecture & Interior Design Review
• Equipment and Supplies Specification
• Vendor Recommendations, Selection, Negotiations
• Menu of Services & Programming
• Business Operations Planning & Development
• Retail Product Development & Merchandising
• Strategic Marketing and Branding Programs
• Management & Staff Recruitment, Interviews, Selection
• Formulation and monitoring of a Pre-opening Critical Path
• Pre-opening On site Assistance

The Consultant Selection Process

The key to success is finding the right match for you and your project: selecting a consultant who meets the criteria of your project’s needs, can fulfil deliverables according to your time line, has years of experience and the “right fit” or chemistry with key management or stakeholders.
Morphoclinic and Membershape are two leading brands for Medical slimming services. The brands provides effective shaping and weight loss solutions in the form of non-surgical total body management services.
The brands specializes in helping an individual with weight and fat loss using non-invasive high-tech technologies We also assists individuals in fat reduction in specific areas and post fat reduction skin firming,cellulite removal and body muscle toning through specialized treatments and holistic custom made approach. We promote healthy living among the individuals through services which are absolutely safe and have no side effects.

Our Approach To Weight Management

At HWC we help you manage weight issues holistically. Our philosophy around ‘wellbeing’ is a comprehensive and holistic one. We strongly believe that the secret of healthy living is a ‘life in balance’ weight management, active lifestyle, nutrition & diet management.
Morphoclinic and Membershape , provides personal health and shaping services for individuals who want to improve their health and shape by reversing ageing related diseases .We evaluate the current physical and health status and help our clients develop a personal plan to improve their life and the way they look.
We provide the most efficient genetic based programs for a guided path towards Anti Ageing healthy lifestyle, weight management and slimming.Our services are offered in a comfortable environment and the treatments are the highest standards suitable for men and women .Men and women clients with diverse needs and health conditions have partnered with us and experienced great results. It gives us immense satisfaction having contributed and made a difference in the lives of our clients who go back happy, fitter and healthy.